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Name: Zoe Lewis

Age: 17

Hometown: Birmingham

A massive well done to Zoe for winning the Grom of the month tittle. Zoe always helps create the great atmosphere at the camps and always puts 101% into her skiing! She has recently been getting some great comp results and came to Saas fee with us this summer for 2 weeks of training.

Name; Zoe Joey Lewis

Age; 17

Home slope; Tamworth snowdome

Best achievement in skiing; 3rd overall girl in British snow tour for 2010

Best achievement in none skiing; completing the mc dondals chicken nugget challenge never again mind you.

Favourite skier; Colby west, because he asked me to kiss him at the FREEZE! I have photo proof.

Who coaches you; Kelly O'Donnel mainly teaches me on the grom camps so a massive thanks to Kelly. But Em Lonsdale helped me hit the half pipe for the first time ever. Also James Woods, Pat Sharples, Becky Hammond and Andy Bennett!

What others sports do you like; I'm a trill seeker, got to love rock climbing, abesiling, ice skating but I really want to go sky diving and free falling befor my 21st

Who's you celebrity crush; Has to be Alex pettyfer out of storm breaker! I give anything for him.

What are your plans for the future; To finish my second year at college and hopefully go onto UNI to study sports coaching, getting into lots of debt. But hopefully i will be in my dream job and be rich! 

Who's going to win the x factor; Matt cardly; his looks could win hands down!!!

Which is the best ski centre in the UK; Have to say castleford exscape

Tell us something no one knows about you; Ive fallen asleep in bake beans

Any shout outs; A big massive thank you to my Mom and Dad which give me the financial support plus driving me all around the country which allows me to continue skiing! 
Also Sissy Herant, Rowan Cheshire, Katie Summerhayes, Chris Wadsworth, Matt and Ad Lockwood, Joshua Jenkins and Josh rookes for always giving me support in my skiing and always making my day when I see you a little bit better