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Name: Ronan Connolly

Age: 12

Hometown: Rossendale

Ronan is a super dedicated youngster who has been hitting the competition scene with a bang recently. You often see him on the podiums and he's improving all the time! He's also recently been selected for the new Chill factore team.

 Name -   Ronan connolly


Where are you from? simonstone ribble valley

Home slope - rossendale - chill factore

Where do you train? - rossendale - chill factore - xscape.
What are you best achievements within skiing? -
                                                            1st kendal k jam 2010
                                                           3rd giro big air  mk  2010
                                                                           3rd tresspass skiier cross norwich 2010
                                                                           3rd big air norwich 2010
                                                                           1st snowdown  castleford
                                                                           grom of the month september 2010
                                                                           sponsor ship deal with chill factore

What are your goals? -  to get a section in a ski movie- to take part in the winter olympics - ski sponsor
Who are your favourite skiers? - jossi wells- tom wallisch - joe tomlinson

Who are you all time heros? -  jossi wells - tom wallisch

What is your favourite ski movie? - moonlight addition black label

If you could be anyone famous who would you be? - jossi wells

Any people you want to thank? - joe tomlinson, james woods, pat sharples, all the people on the salomon crew, nathan connolly- sam ashworth for all the filming - everyone whos helped me at rossendale ski slope, all the people at chill factore,and my family Michael, Suzanne, Megan,and Charlotte.

Any last words? - thanks for all the people that ski with me , sam ashworth,rory mckee,david bisland,cal sandison,ben xcell,nathan connolly,calum halshaw,joe tomlinson,kyle wood.harry chesire,hayden foiri,oliver young  sorry if i have missed anyone out.