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Name: Tom Saunders

Age: 12

Hometown: Sheffield

Tom Saunders has gone from strength to strength this year and has been none stop impressing everyone on the UK Freeski scene including ski company's, judges at comps and everyone who has seen him ride! Tom is apart of the Southern Freestyle crew who have been super productive this year by running training sessions and the popular Southern freestyle series tour and has recently been sponsored by Animal clothing which has one of the best UK snow sport teams! and checkout Tom's new website

Ski Experience

I  Started Skiing at 7yrs old, attending Bracknell Junior Ski club at the John Nike Ski Slope.  Webbo and Chris Mavin asked my dad if he would let me have a go at Freestyle and here I am today!

Where Do You Train: Bracknell Nike ski centre where I ride 2 -3 times per week (Perma Snow the way to go when there’s no snow!), I attend Southernfreestyle club squad sessions.

Comp Results and Achievements: Most recent 1st U14 Southern freestyle Jam series. At my first Brits this year for my age group U14 I came 6th in slope style, 3rd in Big Air and 1st in the skier Cross, I really went out to get more experience on snow and was stoked to get two podiums in Laax.

Why Do You Love Skiing So Much: It’s that feeling that you get when you stand at the top of the slope planning your run and then you pull it off. The adrenaline of riding off PIste, finding those drops no one else has hit!

Favourite Skiers

Dumont and Jossi Wells.



Who Are Your Coaches

Webbo when he’s not on a season. Josh Birch and of course Pat at the Grom Camps.

Plans for the

Ski as often as possible and enjoy it. 

Anything else you would like to add

I would like to thank Ludo Canu and Tall Tees for their support for the last two years . One of my highlights this year was being invited to attend an Animal Photo shoot.  This was amazing riding around with the Animal Guys. And of course mum and dad for running me around all over the place. Checkout Tom's new website