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Name: Hector Barbour

As we noted before, recently we visited Bearsden Ski club in Glasgow for their first ever Grom and the standard was off the hook! Hector Barbour was on fire at the camp and everyone who saw him could not believe the standard he's got to. His style, bag of tricks and his amazing attitude is what earnt him Grom of the month. As I also mentioned in a previous blog, even TJ Schiller has commented on how sick Hector is. You know its true when a2 times X Games gold medalist tells you it! Nice work Hector.



Hector Barbour







Ski experience: 
few family holidays abroad being taught by my parents recreationally before discovering freestyle through the grape vine


Where do you train: 
bearsden ski club, lot of cool riders up there, definetly a really good scottish scene emerging


Comp results and achivements.


Westbeach bearsden best unsponsored rider, scottish lowlander freestyle series: Aberdeen.2nd Bellahouston.2nd Hillend.1st 

Why you like skiing so much.


its brilliant to just go and have some fun learning new stuff having a laugh, away from all the work, schools a nightmare so its a great way to get rid of some stress. you get to meet loads of cool people and see cool places, Plus it’s just generally really ganster

Fave trick:


big flatspin japans, opposite tail 5’s and opposite tail cork 7’s i like a wee bit of the blindside switch ups aswell


Fave skiers:



At the moment i reckon PC Fosse is killing it in europe, next big thing i reckon. gareth mclean, craig mathers cal sandieson, chris mcormick, chris wadsworth, Brendan kelihore all shredding down in glasgow, really pushing the glasgow riders


Who are your coaches?


the king punter Neil mcgrain runs the freestyle team at bearsden on a Wednesday night, he does alot for the team and is really supportive taking photos and coaching all the riders.


Plans for the future.



Like to try and get to the brits next year, and planning on doing a year long winter once i leave school which should be cool, hoping for some good summer shredding in saas next year as well and just continue skiing and having fun