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Name: Haydyn Fiori

Haydyn is one of the youngest skiers to ever win the Grom of the month title and where normally the coaches really struggle to pick between skiers for this award, this month was easy as Haydyn really did standout - he has come on leaps and bounds over the last few months. His skills on the rails and boxes would be up there with some of the UKs top pros and he even started launching 720s over the big kickers at the Chill Factore. Watch out for this kid, he is good!

Name: Haydyn Fiori

How old are you? 8

Where are you from? Doncaster

How long have you been skiing? 2 1/2 years 1 1/2 years freestyle

Where do you practice you skiing and freestyle? cas and grom camps

What are your favorite tricks? 360mute, swich270 on, 270 out

Whats the next trick you would like to learn? 720

What other sports do you do and like?
matial arts

Who are your favorite skiers? jon olsson, woodsy and henrik harlik

Who has coached you? kerry danes, grom coaches and the cas crew

What are you best achievements in skiing? 1st place in the last 4 mogel comps and one top 8 result - only 6 and 7 places behind Bennett and Longley!

What music do you like? rock

Favorite movie? star wars

Favorite food? kfc

Favorite drink? red bull

Anything else you would like to add? thanks to Kerry danes and everyone who has help me.