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Name: Jack Ohanlon

Jack has surprised everybody who has ever come on the Grom Camps as he's only been skiing for 1 year and in that short amount of time he's doing tricks that a veteran seasonaire would be proud of! He's always super positive, enthusiastic and a real entertainer - he's always making people laugh. This month the Grom of the Month award was close between 4 or 5 people but after speaking to all the coaches Jack emerged as the clear winner - well done Jack, a well deserved title!

Age: I am 17 years of age

I come from Eccles manchester where i have lived all my life

Ski experience: I have been skiing around a year now after learning to ski at the Chill Factore

Where do you do your training?: I do all my training ether at the Chill Factore on a freestyle night or the grom camps where i learn absolutely loads of stuff from grinding sideways on a butter box to 360's to 270 out of a street rails

Competition results: I don't yet have any competition results unless you class me beating riad in a game of P.I.G a result hehe 

Favourite tricks: My favourite trick has to be 270 on switch up 270 out off a butter box but i can't always get it, my best trick in the air is a 1080 tweak mute grab, i mean a 360 tail grab :D

Favourite skiers & influences: I don't really have a favourite skier because i just watch tons and tons of videos and think a lot of people are my favourite.

My influences have to be Riad for always pushing me even if I really don't want to, Pat and all the guys off the grom camp because there if you are struggling on a trick one of them would come and help you until you have stomped it out, i would also say little Tomski is a big influence because he always challenges me to little compations such as a game of P.I.G and he really pushes me when I'm playing that because most of the time i fall :D

Anything you would like to add? I would like to finish my interview by saying a HUGE thanks to Patrick Sharples and linda for taking me to the camps all over the contry and really helping me improve, and a very big thanks to Nessa, Mark and Riad for getting some great snaps. 

Thank you :D :D :D

i forgot to say thanks for the red bull too :D cheers pat and once again thanks for the grom of the month :D