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Name: Sissy Herant

Sissy Herant has made a big name for herself this year! She has trained super hard all year and attended all the major UK Freeski events including this year British Freeski champs in Laax Switzerland where she found herself on the podium many times.

Sissy has won the Grom of the month award with her brother Josh who we will be featuring very soon. They won a new digital camera for all their hard work and dedication to the sport.

Name: Servanne Herant but everyone calls me sissy

Age: 14 - birthday at the brits !!!!!!!!!!!!

Home town: the joyfull stoke-on-trent

Ski experience: I've been sking for about 2 and a half years

Where do you train: the getto stoke ski centre

Competition results: (all in my age catogory) 2nd in Rossandale Open, Whos the Daddy Overall, Westbeach 1st in age catogory, 3rd in slopestyle for British Snow Tour, 2nd in slopestyle (Brits), 2nd in big air (Brits), 3rd in skiercross(Brits)

Favourite tricks: 270s on and off, switch on switch up pretsle 270 out combo out 360 safty and 540s.

Biggest influence
: Charlie Smith because he's just cool to ride with and helps you out when u want to learn something new and also people like Emma Lonsdale and Kelly O'donell, and Woodsy because he is so chilled out and hyper at the same time and encourages you.