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Name: Thomas (Tomski) Robinson

Tomski is one of our youngest regular Groms who's local hang out spot is the Chill Factore, but he convinces his mum to take him around to all the camps and events around the UK. Over the last few months he has been going full throttle and is now throwing down 360's and is not scared of shredding the street rails that are twice as high as him. Keep up the wicked riding Tomski!

NameThomas Robinson (Tomski)

Age: just turned 8 

Where do you live: Manchester 

How long have you been skiing?I started skiing 2 weeks before Christmas at the chill factore one day a week and in the 2nd week i was on the main slope, loved it. I’ve not missed a grom camp, and in the school holidays live at Rossendale every day...

Where do you do your training?Chill factor, Rossendale, but my mum takes me all over now and I enter competitions and win prizes which is fantastic, but more than anything I enjoy learning new tricks, and watching everyone else

What are your Favourite tricks?I am stoked as I’ve managed to do a 360, I love boxes and rails... but went to Bracknell and did a front flip on the airbag - can’t wait to do it for real.....

Who are your favourite skiers & who influences you?My favourite skier is Tyler, he’s awesome, I want to be like him..... but my babysitters Riad and Jack along with Pat Sharples help me the most and are brilliant....I also love doing freestyle with Liam from Stoke and Ronan from Rossendale. 

Anything else you would like to say? This is the best thing I have ever done and I have made so many friends, thanks for everyone who has helped me. tomski